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Dice Make Me Weird

Standard Post / # / bitterhusk / 2016-10-20 @ 05:55 PM / "Journal" / 7 /

I love dice. See if you can spot the most expensive set in the photo: They're the stainless steel, 3d-printed dice designed by Chuck Stover. I was lusting over those shiny things for more than a year. I'm good, so I bought them for myself.


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The Most Dangerous Game

Standard Post / # / bitterhusk / 2016-10-03 @ 01:03 PM / "Journal" / 21 /

This Saturday past, the crew—that's my brother, our Ma, and my bro's girlfriend (and minus a missing friend) got together for our weekly Dungeons and Dragons party, this time down in San Marcos Carlos. It was melty out and everyone smelled except Ma. Ma never smells. There was amazing homemade food and lots of laughs, and we hacked our way through a six-hour one-off campaign, written by our default DM, Tara. The theme was "The Most Dangerous Game", but you can't imagine what happened just from that clue! None of our brains are quite right and things always turn weird.