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Make Good - Behmor Grid Drum

Author: bitterhusk / Date: 2016-10-13 @ 06:00 am /
Tags: make good / repairs / projects / coffee / Behmor / coffee-roasting /

I once came in contact with a hipster and contracted Coffee Hypersensitivity Syndrome (CHS). Now I roast my own coffee in a Behmor 1600. But look at me today—I'm sad because the grid drum has holes in the mesh. A picture to illustrate:

Pic of Dumb Soldering on Behmor Grid Drum. Oops.

The holes are due to shit soldering on the agitator fins, or perhaps overly-agitated agitators. Who knows? They popped off and holes happened. Since the holes are quite large, and I don't have any lead-free solder, I ordered up one of these (the image is stolen so it links to the product. I think that's fair.).

Stolen, Copyrighted Image of a Product that You Should Buy So Don't Sue Me.

Wow, those noodles look gross. Also, I'm sorry, Helen Chen of Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen 5-inch Spider Strainer, but I ripped your strainer apart like a savage animal. Suck it.

It Will Never be The Same

The wires I plucked out of this thing were heat and food safe (I'm guessing) and they made the most wonderful mesh patch. A couple of needle-nose pliers and skill (so much skill) will be all you need, and you will have a like-new grid drum. You're welcome, I just saved you 24 USD.

Like New!!!

The drum, she makes me want to cry. So beautiful.