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Stupid Project - Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet

Author: bitterhusk / Date: 2016-04-20 @ 07:00 am /
Tags: DnD / forms / stupid projects / RPGs /

UPDATE (05-19-2016):

Okay the PDF version of my Character Sheet is out! For all future updates, please visit the project pages for the PDF and JPG versions of my form, or jump straight to the download manager!

UPDATE (05-13-2016):

Time for improvements! Suggestions for the update include:

  1. Remove "Spell Level" in the top menu on page 1, and add "Special Ability Level" which could include different character features such as Rages, Ki Points, etc.
  2. Add "Background" to top menu.
  3. Correct "Passive Wisdom" in the center of the Wheel of Abilities, changing it to "Passive Perception".
  4. Add permanent slots in the "Inventory" menu for coinage.
  5. Add more structure the Spell Sheet (page 2).

Thanks for the awesome feedback, Skunkie (Ultimate Bitch DM). If anyone else exists out there and has feedback, send it anytime. For now, these changes will soon be available in the download.

UPDATE (04-30-2016):

Finally it's here sort of! Although the PDFs aren't ready, I do have a set of high-res jpgs of a ruled, printer-friendly version of my forms. I'm very excited to present them to you! Check out more details here or jump straight to the Download Manager.

UPDATE (04-29-2016):

I spent the last forever trying to make a beautiful PDF for everyone, but it's been sooooo difficult to get everything the way I want it. As of now, it comes down to this: I have one last PDF creator to try, and if that works, a beautiful set of PDF forms will be available on this site tonight, alternatively, a crappy set of PDFs will be available as well as some high-res image files. Either way, I want these forms available tonight! Brace yourselves!


Somehow, I get more accomplished when I have insomnia. Here is a preview of my new Bitterhusk's Dungeons and Dragons Spellcasting Sheet and my Bitterhusk's Dungeons and Dragons Blank Sheet!

Preview of Bitterhusk's D&D Character Sheet

Preview of Bitterhusk's D&D Character Sheet

PDF download to come...

Behold its glory, my one and only, Bitterhusk's Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet! I am making this for charity for those who suffer from not having a proper character sheet. It features my one of a kind, Wheel of Abilities!

Preview of Bitterhusk's D&D Character Sheet