Firstly, allow me to write briefly on the subject of perfectionism, a personality trait from which I suffer. While everything I create is flawless down to whichever metrics serve to aid in evaluation, in this case, the pixel and the written word. I have learned that perfectionism is a terrible inducer of stress, and that stress is most harmful to a person's person.

This is precisely why I have chosen to take the advice of those psychiatrists who recommend that someone such as myself (a perfectionist) learns to live with her mistakes. Their advice has been healing to my mind, and I have administered this medicine with great success.

Think about that for a minute.

About Brain Eclipse: Well, it is basically my own art barf bag. In a world where even a carefully chosen barf bag can be considered fine art, I have become inspired to regurgitate into that vessel, the most meaningful of art pieces; I doodle. I dapple. I give birth to art barf in mediums both diverse and cutting-edge. Here, you will be first to bear witness.

Lastly, as you enter this museum—this digital museum—you should tip-toe (digitally, of course) with arms clasped behind you, careful to keep your nasty oils off the priceless objects on display. You must keep behind that velvet rope and hush yourself. This is a sacred place.

Omara (bitterhusk)

Some Things I Like

Book Cover: Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut Book Cover: The Stranger, Albert Camus Book Cover: A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess Large Dice Set, By Wombat Skeletomb Mobile Game by Punk Labs Album: Rook, Sheerwater Album: Countdown to Ecstasy, Steely Dan Hushed Kantus, By ECTmonster Photo: Halo Headshot Photo: Eddy Yawning in Cave Photo: Bea at the Beach in September Artwork: Comus With His Revellers, William Blake Album: Inevitable Western, The Bad Plus

More to come...